Roy Schneit, aka The Lamp Surgeon is one of the most recommended lamp repair service in the NYC / Manhattan NY area.

Since 1975, Roy Schneit has been selling and repairing lamps in Manhattan, NYC with great pride and excellent customer service.

He has owned numerous well known Lamp Repair stores such as Manhattan Lighting, Lighting Depot & Manhattan Lighting Repairs. Roy Schneit has been a trusted authority that has been recommended and mentioned on TV & Radio.

Roy Schneit has repaired over 1,000 lamps for residents, actors, and politicians
in the New York City area.

All NYC Lamp Repairs performed by Roy Schneit come with a full 1-year warranty.

Call Roy Schneit aka the Lamp Surgeon Today at 917-414-0426.
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The Lamp Surgeon
Roy Schneit
In-Home NYC Lamp Repairs
"Voted #1 Lamp Repair Service in NYC
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Roy Schneit